The MISSION of ILAC is to foster commitment, networking and growth for all agricultural/rural leadership program graduates through communication, professional development and social activities in order to enhance the effectiveness as alumni leaders in their own communities.


The GOAL of ILAC is to provide an interactive program that exposes participants to local issues, experiences and outcomes; to manage change, improve concepts, and provide perspective in their own communities.


The PURPOSE of ILAC is to hold annual alumni conferences for members of agricultural/rural leadership programs and others, that are beneficial to participants, host alumni groups and local communities.

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Past ILAC Locations

1989   Point Clear, Alabama (1st IAPAL)  
IAPAL - International Assoc. of Programs for Agricultural Leadership
Leadership Directors conference with alumni attendance.

1990   Indianapolis, Indiana (1st ILAC)
This was a regional alumni event, though even those not classified as
"Mid-Westerners” attended. Debut event solely for alumni.

1990   Spokane, Washington
Leadership Directors conference with alumni attendance.

1991   Hershey, Pennsylvania

1991   Goat Island, Rhode Island
Leadership Directors conference with alumni attendance.

1992   Madison, Wisconsin

1992   San Antonio, Texas
Leadership Directors conference with alumni attendance.
Panel presentation on alumni events / momentum.

1993   Napa Valley, California

1994   Omaha, Nebraska

1995   Chicago, Illinois

1996   Little Rock, Arkansas

1997   Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

1998   San Antonio, Texas

1999   Columbus, Ohio

2000   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2001   Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra)

2002   Santa Rosa, California

2003   Tempe, Arizona

2004   West Lafayette, Indiana

2005   Hershey, Pennsylvania

2006   Manhattan, Kansas

2007   Little Rock, Arkansas

2008   Australia (Brisbane, Toowoomba, Tamworth, Canberra, Sydney)

2009   Pasco, Washington

2010   Fort Worth, Texas

2011   Tucson, Arizona

2012   London, Ontario, Canada

2013   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2014   Chicago, Illinois - ILAC is 25 years strong

2015   Denver, Colorado

2016   Edinburgh, Scotland

2017   Lexington, Kentucky

2018   New Orleans, Louisiana

2019   Dickinson, North Dakota

2022   Annapolis, Maryland

2023   Cody, Wyoming